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Our Services :

 Very cost effective method of adding an additional retail location without the high expenditures associated with a physical store.
 Can easily test Special Offers and introduce new items.
 Makes your merchandise available to the global marketplace.
 Pages accessed can be tracked and analyzed to make future changes.
 Can be self managed with the addition of an Administrator Back Office.
 Support open 24 X 7

The internet success stories are built on a partnership between business specialists and technology specialists.

There are many opportunities available for existing businesses and new businesses. Some of these are new activities selling existing products, others are new businesses selling newly packaged services.Whilst investment is necessary, a worthwhile business opportunity can be expected to generate revenue

Our service support lines are available 24 hrs round the clock from Monday to Friday. This helps us to provide better support and services for our clients.


Your Internet goals:

Why are you considering a web presence? What do you hope to gain? Such fundamental questions need to be answered when starting to do business on the web. You maximize your chance of success if your e-goals are integrated with your wider business goals - and apply your existing business experience to this new sales and marketing channel.

Mobile Development: (We offer mobile development in the following area)

 Symbian C++ (S60, S80, UIQ)
 Windows Mobile
 Java (MIDP 1.0 & MIDP 2.0, J2ME)
 OTA Application Delivery
 SMS Systems
 Mobile Game Development

Web Development: (Your successful web site could achieve the following)

 Help establish the identity of your organisation.
 Promote your products, services, goals, and policies.
 Enhance contact between members of your organization, and with existing and potential customers   and suppliers.
 Improve sales and distribution of your products and services.
 Expand your business by increasing its reach and accessibility.

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