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Industries :

The Saviour Software focuses on the technology horizontal, across various industries and domains. Our core competence is in the space of creating smart and innovative technology products that exceed client expectations and delight the end user.

Over the 5 years that we have been in the product engineering realm, we have had the chance to work on a variety of domains, and have garnered experience and expertise in each one of them. This section provides a brief on some of the vertical exposures we have had.

Vertical Domain

Mobiles & Wireless

- Brew & J2ME-enabled Networking Applications
- iPhone Applications and games
- Mobile Customer Loyalty Management Services
- BlackBerry and WIndows Mobile enterprise   solutions

Real Estate

- Plant automation system
- Subcontractor management system
- General Ledger
- Employee management system

Workforce Management

- Enterprise Solutions
- Workforce Scheduling & Management
- Salesforce automation system

Tools & Infrastructure

- Email & Calendaring Solution over Linux
- Middleware Integration Technology
- Network Traffic Analyzer
- Servers(DNS,DHCP,MAIL,SQUID etc)
- Installation & Maintainance

Supply chain

- Logistics Management
- Inventory Forecasting & Planning
- Supply Chain Optimization
- Order Management

e-Commerce & Open Source

- Customized e-Business
- Online store
- B2B and B2C web development
- Web Services development


- Home & Long-term Healthcare Solutions
- Pharmacy Distribution
- Contracts Management
- HIPAA-Compliant Solutions

Business Intelligence

- Enterprise Web Reporting

Export Industry

- Inventory management of raw material
- Inventory management of prepared goods
- Customer relationship management
- Online selling of prepared goods