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About Us

The Saviour Software has grown consistently through our customer service oriented approach. Our corporate philosophy is to grow our company through profits created by Professional, Ethical Operations and Enhanced, Value Added Services combined with the highest level of quality and leading edge technology in Industrial Cleaning Systems, Equipment, and Products. Thereby providing our Customer Partners, Team Members and Vendor Partners an Organization of Salutary Affiliation

Joining Morphous translates into continual opportunities to expand on what you can do. Challenge yourself with interesting work focused on delivering innovation and proven solutions. Our employees come together with a wide variety of consulting, technology and outsourcing skills and backgrounds to create talented teams of problem-solvers. We help clients become high-performance businesses.

Our service support lines are available 24 hrs round the clock from Monday to Friday. This helps us to provide better support and services for our clients.


Our Mission

Our mission is to enable people and companies to maximize their business success. We stick to the following principles in delivering our mission:

Understand our customer:
We at TSS understand needs and requirements of our customer and make technology to resolve your needs and thus realize your full potential.

Know-how to develop software:
TSS knows how to use technology and develop software that meets your requirements and satisfies your business needs in developing exactly what you need.

Employ advantages of outsourcing:
A large number of companies have already taken advantage of outsourcing. We make outsourcing benefits work for your business.

Our Vision

TSS's vision is to see farther, to seek out competitive advantages for our clients through the innovative use of technology; and to help them achieve long-term success and prosperity. Our singular objective is to provide uncompromising customer services and satisfaction regardless of the type of product or service offered.

Over the last few decades, technology has changed the world of business. Today, access to information is the key success factor. More and more companies, regardless of their size and "citizenship", use the advantages of technology to maximize their business success.